Energy-efficient vacuum supply enables more economical production processes.

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Energy efficiency will be Busch's main topic at ComVac 2017, taking place in Hanover during 24-28 April, 2017. Busch Vacuum Pumps and Systems has taken on the challenge of developing and implementing highly energy-efficient vacuum solutions. These enable customers in all industrial sectors to save energy and operating costs, and therefore to operate more economically.

At the compressed air and vacuum industry exhibition, Busch will not just be providing an insight into its comprehensive product portfolio for all industries, but will also be announcing its latest vacuum solutions. Economical and safe vacuum supply is an issue that is becoming increasingly important for all areas of industry when considering ways to make production processes more economical, while taking energy savings and cost reductions into consideration. It is important to look at the complete production process in order to reduce the energy requirement and operating costs. Focussing exclusively on a vacuum pump's energy requirement is not sufficient. The vacuum pump's heat emissions or cooling method and its installation location or control make a significant difference to the overall energy balance. Busch therefore offers various options for heat recovery or improving the demand-based control of vacuum pumps. 

As well as manufacturing energy-efficient vacuum pumps for various technologies, Busch also designs central vacuum systems that are tailor-made to suit the particular requirements of individual customers. This sort of centralization of vacuum supply offers several advantages. Firstly, it means that fewer vacuum pumps are required than in a decentralized vacuum supply. In combination with demand-based control, this makes significant energy savings possible. Secondly, this kind of centralized vacuum system can be housed in a separate room, so that vacuum pumps no longer need to be installed in production areas; this means that noise and heat emissions are eliminated from workplaces. Tailor-made heat recovery concepts help operators use the waste heat produced and thereby achieve further energy savings. In cooled production areas, such as in the food industry, further savings are created by the centralization of vacuum supply, as air conditioning units can be designed to be smaller. Centralised vacuum supplies also offer high levels of reliability, since all system-relevant components are designed to be redundant. Maintenance work can even be undertaken during ongoing operation without incurring any performance loss. 

Busch offers vacuum pumps or vacuum modules in centralized vacuum systems paired with various technologies, so that the best technical and economical option can be selected for each application. Busch offers all companies who require vacuums a special service: the Busch VacuumAudit. A Busch vacuum expert will analyse the current state of a whole company's vacuum supply. He will calculate the savings potential for energy and operating costs, and develop personalised solutions for customers, ensuring the most economical and reliable vacuum supply possible.

Busch is exhibiting in hall 26, booth B 05 at ComVac.